Kitty Gang Jimin Plush Doll Set

Kitty Gang Jimin Plush Doll Set

$48.00 USDSold out

Vrroom vroom! Kitty Gang Jimin is here! 🐣 💞

Featured Details:

1) Bone frame inside naked doll (Able to hold a pose and sit him down!)

2) Quality leather material for jacket, belt and pants.

3) Cheeks blushed.

♡ This set includes 20cm Naked Doll + Kitty Gang Clothes + Free White Ribbon Underpants.

**Does not include motorbike in the picture.

**Preorder & LIMITED EDITION. Will NEVER restock again.


1) Due to the G_cci Logo on the shirt, please be aware that the shop will either be flipping the doll's shirt inside out and/or pasting a white sticker onto the shirt logo. This is to avoid shipment risks during customs checking.

After recieving the doll, please redress the doll to reveal the design.

2) Production may take MONTHS. Please do not order if you cannot wait for a very long time!

Kitty Gang Jimin Plush Doll Set Image 2 Kitty Gang Jimin Plush Doll Set Image 3
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