Shop Policies




✧ Shop Policies 


1) Q: If my item did not arrive although it was dispatched, am I allowed to ask for a refund / a replacement?

A: The shop is ultimately not responsible for any lost packages after concrete proof (valid tracking number or any picture of your fully paid parcel) is given. 

This is a policy to avoid fraudalent cases whereby a person may receive the item but file a claim to have not, so they can get a free product. It is the shop's right to protect itself from such cases, thus, after it has been dispatched with proof , any circumstances of damages, loss of parcel through the delivery process will NOT be liable to the shop. 


2) Q: If my item is damaged during transport, can I still ask for a replacement or refund?

A: If proof shows that the product is fully free of damages when it was dispatched, and that the parcel was obviously damaged due to the courier company, the shop is NOT liable for the damages. 

However, it goes by case-by-case basis. If the product is damaged clearly from messily done packing (for example, if a pin has punctured an art print during transit due to the nature of the packing itself) the shop can definitely send a replacement or refund you. However, the shop is very adamant on quality packaging and control, so cases like these are rare and if do happen, the shop will take responsibility. 


3) Q: I ordered my product(s) a while ago. Why hasn't it arrived yet?

A: In the case whereby the parcel takes a long time to arrive or does not arrive at all, the shop checks on the date of when it was dispatched. If the parcel is dispatched at least 31 working day(s) after the item status becomes an instock or in hand, then the shop is NOT liable for the inefficiency of the courier service.

 It is only liable IF the item was clearly dispatched late after the date of being an instock status which resulted in the product(s) not arriving in time. In this scenario, we can provide you with a complimentary gift voucher as apology. 

Please do note that if the item you ordered is a pre-order item and it does not arrive for a long time, the shop will not be able to entertain you as it is clearly stated as a pre-order item, which requires waiting.


4) Q: My item is not what I expected. Can I get a refund?

A: If the item is accurate to what the description entails in the shop or the changes already informed prior & is the correct order, the shop is not liable for not meeting your expectations of what the product may look in your perspective. Detailed descriptions are written about the product which are followed strictly, and if there are changes, it is stated and confirmed before dispatching. For example, if the customer claims that the item "is smaller than what they expected" the shop is not liable for the misunderstood size of the product, as the details are clearly provided. 

But in the scenario whereby a clear manufacturing or grading defect is spotted and the product is not as claimed by the shop website, or according to the design, a special case-by-case basis can be brought up by the customer. The customer must provide visual proofs of the defect and the exact order details. If the item is not as claimed by the shop, the shop will issue a full refund, or send a new product. However, this is also only the case if the defect is a manufacturing or grading mistake and not made during transit, as the shop is ultimately not responsible for the defects caused during transit. (Unless the customer denies by showing concrete proof that the item was packed carelessly by the shop.) 


5) Q: My item was sent back to the shop, as I wasn't there to receive my parcel. Can the shop resend it back to me? 

A: No, the shop is not held responsible for returned parcels as the courier service and how it operates is out of the shop's control. You can opt to pay for another round of shipping. However, the shop will only give a maximum of 1 month (31 working days) allowance to hold your returned parcel and after that, it will be claimed back by the shop and the shop will have the rights to the product again. You MUST claim your product by sending a new shipping fee or after a month, the product will be claimed back by the shop. 

But in the case where the customer claims to not receive the news of the returned parcel, the shop is not liable if proof shows that there was an update to the customer that the parcel was returned. The email informing about the returned parcel is sent on the same day the returned parcel(s) is received. Therefore, since the shop has made an attempt to contact the customer and inform them about the returned parcel, it will not be liable for late response after a month of holding the parcel. 


6) I would like to cancel my order as I changed my mind. Can I?

A: It's unfortunate that you have changed your mind about the order, but unfortunately, the shop is unable to provide a refund once the order has been paid and processed. The only exceptions are orders with accidental items added, in which when informed to the shop within 24 hours, we can provide a refund from case by case basis. However, if it's a confirmed order with intent, we cannot provide a refund to your cancelled order due to change of mind. This is to also protect the shop from unsure customers who may utilise this refund feature to make orders and end up cancelling it afterwards. This will harm the shop and thus, although we understand you have a change of mind, the shop cannot be liable to provide you a refund on a confirmed order.