[PREORDER] Wild Flower RM Enamel Pin

[PREORDER] Wild Flower RM Enamel Pin

$17.60 USD

"Nothing was ever meant to be mine
And don't tell me like you gotta be someone
Because I'll never be like them (Light a flower)
Yeah, my start was poetry
My one and only strength and dream that protected me so far (Light a flower)
Burning fireworks to flowerworks
Boyhood to eternity
I'll stay in this barren field
Ah, I'll return someday."

-Wildflower 🎆

- 6cm height
- Gold plating
- Middle Cutout (Set a background for RM's flower field and take photos!)

(!!) PREORDER LISTING. Please do not order if unwilling to wait. Production time is indefinite and subject to delays. Beat quality pins will be reserved for preorder members.

[PREORDER] Wild Flower RM Enamel Pin Image 2
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