The Truth Untold Pin

The Truth Untold Pin

$15.60 USD

[STORY OF THE SONG, THE TRUTH UNTOLD: Once upon a time, there lived a man who believed he was ugly. He hid in his castle and never came out unless he wore a mask. One day, in his garden, he saw a beautiful girl picking his sacred blue flowers. Angry, he wore the mask and followed the girl, only to find out that she had lost her family and was selling the flowers to earn money. After that, he planted many blue flowers in his garden so that she can sell them. Not once did he show his face. However, there was one day where the girl stopped coming. Alarmed, he went to the girl’s house and found out that she has passed away. Saddened greatly by her death, and the fact that he always hid and did not show himself to her, and the truth that was left untold, he eventually died from his sorrow.

Hard Enamel, Rose gold plating, 5.5cm height, rubber stopper

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