GCF In Tokyo Pin Set

GCF In Tokyo Pin Set

$36.60 USD

✧ Details:

-Two separate pins (2 molds) 5.5cm height each (standard medium sized pin) + one connecting chain (detachable) + one chain on jungkook gcf pin with jikook charm.

- Gold plating, Hard Enamel and rubber clasps. Jikook charm made of gold plated metal as well.

Price: 38.20USD for a set of pins.

Backing Card: (might subject to change) A6 Matte Art Card

Instock. (This is the 2nd restock of this product. This batch has minor improvements such as a more pastel color and the jikook charm is directly hung to the pin without the extra chain. See 2nd pic)

GCF In Tokyo Pin Set  Image 2 GCF In Tokyo Pin Set  Image 3
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